3 Simple Ways to Advertise Besides the Internet

By April 20, 2016Marketing

MarketingWondering how to get your business noticed besides using just the internet?  There are numerous ways that you can do so…  Yes its true, internet marketing is HUGE!  Its growing every year.  However, there are direct ways you can still advertise your business as well!  Here are 3 simple ways you can advertise your business. (Excluding internet marketing)

  1.  Advertise on your Vehicle – This can be done numerous ways such as a magnet, car wrap, or paint job.  Be sure to include your company name, phone number, web address, and license info.  You are driving around town anyway, why not promote your company?
  2.  Print Shirts & Hats – Create some interesting apparel such as shirts & hats.  You can make these part of your uniform while working and have your employees wear them as well.  Make your apparel unique so you stand out from the rest!
  3.  Sponsor an Event – Find some activities which are in town and get involved.  There are many organizations such as schools that host events during the year who are always looking for businesses to sponsor a particular function.  This will give you an opportunity to showcase your product, advertise your business, and give back to the community!  Its a winning situation across the board!

Three simple ways you can promote your business!  Try them out and start closing more jobs!  Thanks for reading.