Business owners are always searching for ways to capture new clients. New clients equals a fresh revenue stream, and opens the door to recurring work. When a business develops a customer relationship it is good practice to keep in touch. This article depicts five free ways a business can capture new clients and engage with existing customers online. The list below is in no particular order.

1) Facebook Business Page

People all over the world visit Facebook to connect with friends, family and things that interest them—including businesses. Your Page can help you market your business, and is a place where customers can learn about your products and services. Customers may also see the things you promote in News Feed—the constantly updating list of stories on Facebook. And best of all, your Page is free, easy to set up, and helps people find you on Facebook and the web.

2) Instagram

Instagram lets you bring your business to life on mobile devices by providing high resolution images and videos to millions of people. When posting on Instagram it is important to think of hashtags that best describe your business or product. The Instagram platform is ideal for e-commerce websites since visuals are what drives sales. Creating an Instagram account is free but requires you to download the Instagram app on your smart phone. The app allows you to create a profile, and conveniently upload content to your page.

3) Google

Google, by far is one of the best resources to advertise your business. They provide multiple avenues of advertising such as Google search, maps and company profiles. Billions of searches are submitted daily, a business can pay a monthly rate to become a featured search or, one can deploy search engine optimization techniques that can achieve the same results for free. Search engine optimization requires a decent amount of research and can seem intimidating to the average computer user. It is usually best to contact a professional in search engine optimization to successfully achieve the desired results. If your business has a brick and motor store front, applying for Google Maps is an excellent resource. A Google Map verified business will be able to advertise their companies information through Googles mapping services. This will also help people find your location when searching online and discover your business.

4) CraigsList

Craigslist is a virtual classified ad platform that is similar to the ones you see in newspapers. Craigslist has been around for a long time and became popular to use in 2000, it has a dedicated user base and enables a business to advertise  by creating virtual ads that consist of images and text. Craigslist is ideal for businesses that solve peoples problems, such as: trade services, real estate, transportation and other desirable products. Majority of people search Craigslist because they are in need of a particular item or service.

4) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for professionals. Using LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook, and resembles many of the same functionalities. The major difference is the user base. Many people use LinkedIn as an online resume or to promote their career expertise. On the other hand, businesses typically use LinkedIn to hire new employees or market towards an educated demographic.