E-Commerce Development

By April 26, 2016Website Design
eCommerce Development

What is eCommerce ?

Electronic Commerce or eCommerce is when businesses conduct sales with their clients online. Sales can include: business to business, business to consumer or consumer to consumer. Many eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot provide products in exchange for money. These eCommerce websites are similar to brick and motor buildings which you can physically visit. Although online, the products are featured in rows, similar to shelves in a grocery store.

Yet, not all eCommerce websites perceive this image. Many eCommerce websites consist of unique payment gateways for services. Examples of this include, airlines or travel agencies, subscription websites, information exchange, and convenient consumer payments. Accepting major credit cards online can really boost revenue for a business. It is really important to focus on capturing interest of an online user fast, on average someone will visit a new website no longer than 10 seconds. During these initial 10 seconds it is smart to provide the user with an easy visual navigation, a list of products and current sale offers.

How to build an eCommerce website

Starting a new eCommerce store is a challenge, but there are plenty of tools to help make the process easier. Since eCommerce revolves around  financial transactions online, it is important to use a trusted transaction service such as Paypal , StripeDwolla and others. These services provide a safe medium to transfer money from the customer to your bank account. Besides all the standard website components needed  to run a functional website online, a good management system should be integrated. Shop management software allows non technical people to add / delete products, process orders,  manage inventory, control shipping, and create sales / coupons. There is a long list of eCommerce shop management software available: woo Commerce, Shopify, Wix, openCart, Prestashop and Magneto, just to name a few. Each platform has their own pros and cons but all of them are eCommerce oriented. If you would like help setting up your eCommerce website feel free to contact us for a quote.