Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides what information is placed on a website Pro Market Me develops? Pro Market Me will send you a brief form to fill out via email. The form will consist of questions specific to your business, the answers you provide will help us create custom content for your new website.
Will my website work on mobile phones? Yes, all websites built by Pro Market Me are mobile responsive. This means that our websites will work on any size screen and all devices: computers, tablets and cell phones.
How much does it cost for a website? The price of a website depends on many factors. The most basic website, with domain and hosting can start as low as $100. Although, most modern website tend to be $500 – $1,500 all of our clients suggest the investment was well worth it! E-commerce websites tend to be a little higher in that prices scale, since it requires a more complex website.
Can you transfer my website? Majority of the time, Yes. Although, transferring your website depends on a few factors. The most important is providing us with FTP access. If you are not familiar with FTP  it may require contacting your current hosting provider or allowing us to access your current account.
Can you transfer my Domain Name? Sometimes, many hosting providers allow you to either transfer or point your domain name to a new hosting account. This is something that would require Pro Market Me to investigate your contract with your current provider.
Can I update my website? Sure, if you want! During our free consultation just tell us you want to update your new site. Will use a CMS system such as WordPress, SquareSpace or a custom system depending on the project.
Do you manage Social Media pages? Yes we provide organic and paid social media services.  Meaning, we can post custom content on your social media pages on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We  can also comprise a strategic marketing plan that will help reach new customers when investing in social media advertisement.
Will my website be secure? To a degree every website is secure. Many websites do not require purchasing a security certificate, this allows your website to perform over a secure network, https rather than http. A security certificate can be costly and is only required when transmitting or receiving sensitive data. We will recommend to you when a security certificate should be purchased.
How long does it take to build a website? An average website takes about one week. Although, the length of time depends on the scope of the project. Pro Market Me will provide you with an estimated time of completion before development begins.