New Years Business Resolution

By January 15, 2017Business

New Years Business Resolution

Start your New Year right.

Pro Market Me wants you to start your New Year right.

The ball’s dropped, champagne was consumed, & 2017 is two weeks underway.  The start of a New Year is a fantastic time to reflect on your business and start creating your New Years Business Resolution.    Here are a few area to focus on to help your business run at optimal potential:

  1. Organization:  It’s imperative to be organized.  Yet, running a business and wearing numerous feathers in a cap can hinder your ability to zero in on this area.  Whether you are in a service oriented business in & out of your vehicle or if you are mainly in your office during the workday, block time out to get all your ducks in a row.  Take one hour per day to file your paperwork, input your receipts into your computer software, create a simple system to store your products/tools, and answer your phone calls & emails.  When you take this approach utilizing a little bit of time each day organizing your business, you will notice things will run smoother and more efficiently.
  2. Network:  Just about all businesses are looking to expand.  Many times, small businesses are out clocking in getting the job done neglecting to meet other professionals who can help build your business by referrals.  A simple solution to start meeting other professionals in your area is to join a networking group.  Many of these groups meet once a week, usually early in the morning before regular business hours.  You can check with your local Chamber of Commerce as well as Social Media site to find a group which will work best for you.
  3. Create or Update:  This one will be different for each business.  First, lets start with this example.  If you don’t have a business plan, Create one.  A business plan is the blue print for any successful business.  Many start-ups jump in head first without any thought or plan in writing.  While its not recommended to start a company without a business plan, its OK if you haven’t done one yet because you can start creating one right now.  Keep it simple with a mission state, objectives, goals, and pertinent information to your brand.  Let’s look at a second example.  If your business plan is dated, Update it.  The beginning of a New Year makes for a great time of reflection.  Your 2016 numbers are in the books and you can see areas where you can improve.  If you are a company that’s been around for 20-30 years and you are still using Apple IIc computers with dot matix printers, you are most likely a candidate to update your business plan.  Times are constantly changing and technology continually progresses.  Companies like Lego who consistently update their business model thrive while other companies like Blockbuster video fail due to lack of vision.  Don’t get comfortable with past success and continue to innovate.

Here is to a successful 2017 and areas you can focus on in your New Years Business Resolution.