Marketing a Business

Marketing is crucial for business growth. Although, producing an effective marketing plan can be difficult for many business owners who lack advertising experience. A marketing plans main goal is to capture a targeted audience and turn the highest percent into paying customers. Each business should have a unique formula to reach new and existing customers. An effective marketing plan begins with establishing a proper foundation. In order to produce a powerful marketing plan the foundation begins with a well built website. It is important to understand that 85% of customers will visit your website before your brick and motor business. If your business needs help establishing a website, feel free to visit our website development page. Otherwise continue to read on and learn how to investment into a personalized marketing plan.

Professional Marketing Campaign
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Campaign Management:

A marketing campaign should be unique to each business, along with periodic goals, and a budget. A successful marketing campaign is accomplished when potential clients are converted to paying customers and a business surpasses their marketing investment. Periodic goals are created to focus on continuing growth and acquiring more profit. We provide an array of services and guidance to prove a successful marketing plan. In order for us to create a magnificent marketing plan we must learn about your business. We provide a free initial business consultation to help determine the scope of the project. From here we will begin to formulate a strategy best suited for your business.

Campaign Elements

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Social Media: Social Media is great way to interact with customers! There are thousands of popular social networks, and many are relevant to a particular niche.  Here it is important to engage with potential clients, direct them towards your website and finalize the purchase. Learn More at the Knowledge Center…
Pay Per Click Campaign: Pay per click is the most popular method of advertising online (Learn More). Managing a Pay Per click campaign can be overwhelming for someone with little or no experience.  It is important to keep conversions rates high and use keywords relative to your business objective. We encourage many of our clients to include a Pay Per Click element within their marketing package.
 Print Advertising: Print Advertising is very powerful for some businesses. Menus, flyers, business cards, banners, and door hangers are a few examples of Print Advertising. The challenging part for many business owners is distributing the print advertisements in an effective manner.  Pro Market Me offers eye catching graphics and distribution strategies if requested.
 Digital Graphics: Developing a businesses digital impression online should not only include writing text. Custom graphics and visuals are a great way to gain customer recognition. Many people tend to only read a few sentences before moving on to the next thing that interest them. This is why intriguing graphics are a great resource to direct customers to your website.
 Routine Statistics: some business owners want to see the numbers,  others just care about results. Compute the progress with Pro Market Me custom statistics. Our routine marketing report can be accessed securely online or emailed as an excel document.  Our reports are manually done and tailored to fit your need.
Search Engine Optimization: also known as SEO, is a technique used to organically rank higher on search engines such as: Google, Bing and Yahoo! To create a successful SEO plan many different components are required. If you would like to educate yourself further in SEO check out our knowledge center.