In this document the term (you) is referring to anyone who is accessing our material, viewing our site and is not a member of the Pro Market Me staff. Pro Market Me will be referred to as: we, us our and of course Pro Market Me. Our terms and conditions are straight forward and contain the following information: material property, internet security, identity security and ethics.

Material: All information found on the domain and relative server files are hosted by third party companies. Pro Market Me does not provide the hardware capable to host a website, database, and domain registration. All these aspects are purchased through a third party business and hold all responsibility. Knowing things happen, ethically, Pro Market Me will assist in any malfunctions that may occur and we will try our best to help stabilize the issue.

Internet Security: we take very seriously. Although, it is not preventable we try to minimize any threats that can corrupt our data by using encryption, hashing and programming standards. In the case data corruption occurs, Pro Market Me is not responsible for lost or leaked information. Millions of cyber-attacks occur daily and even the most protected servers become compromised.

Identity Security: Any personal identification information shared with Pro Market Me remain private from third party companies. We do NOT sell personal information such as emails and phone numbers to ad agencies nor spam. If you are a member of our newsletter and would like to be removed simply click the opt-out link on the bottom of one of our emails.

Ethics: Pro Market Me believes in proper business ethics and customer satisfaction. For many of our projects we require a deposit of half the total prior to completion. This deposit is our security for overhead cost of project completion. This deposit is not returned if Pro Market Me has invested it towards a projects completion, unless mutual agreement. We strive to achieve beyond expectations in satisfaction.