Tips for Proper Business Etiquette

By January 6, 2017Business


Face to Face Business Etiquette

It all starts with a handshake. Yes, a good firm handshake shows clients that you are confident and mean business. It is important to look that person in the eye while you verbally greet them. If it is your first time meeting the person, be sure to introduce your self with your first and last name. Wait until the main conversation is over to exchange contact information and depart with another firm handshake along with eye contact.

Following up

Reaching out to Clients

First impressions matter, but following up is just as important. Realize, that no body likes financial pressure. Try to be aggressively persuasive when the time is right. Make the client feel comfortable while talking, instead of; nervous, wrong and rushed. While aggressively closing a contract maybe an acceptable approach in certain situations, it also has a good chance of overwhelming the client and losing a sale. Contacting via email is perceived less invasive rather than calling, but can also lose the authenticity of a one to one voice conversation. Texting can be sought as unprofessional to clients in an early business relationship. Although, some instances might be ideal, just be cautious when sending a business text.


How to Write a Business Email

Emails are the preferred method of communication between majority of organizations. Sending an email is fast, virtually free and easy. Remember the three G’s when writing a business email: Greet, Get to the point and Get out.

How to write a business email