Website Components

By April 20, 2016Website Design

Website ComponentsIn order for a website to be live on the internet a few components must interact with each other. This article will go in depth about how a website works.

The first required component is a Domain Name, this is a registered name on the internet purchased from a certified retailer. No two domain names can be the same, except when referring to extensions such as: | .com | .org | .biz | .mobi | .edu | and so on. Example: and are two different domains. A good domain name is very important for search engine optimization and should be well thought over when purchasing for a business.


Next comes Hosting. The term is exactly what is sounds like, this is where your website is stored. You can purchase your hosting from a separate company than where your domain is registered, or you can host a website at home. Although, that’s a little more complicated. It is important to get a hosting package that supports all the latest programming languages, database access and that it fits comfortable within your wallet.


The final component needed to create a website is code, the best part! Website code is what makes websites work. Knowing how to code is very important when developing websites. Many companies have built tools to help you build websites. Many times using these tools requires no coding experience but learning the software can be difficult. Anybody looking to build a website should at least understand HTML and CSS, these languages build the foundation of every website. For others looking to get awesome custom websites for affordable prices, contact us.