Search Engine OptmizationIf you have searched the web for solutions to online marketing you have probably came across the term search engine optimization or SEO. What does this term actually mean, well in simplest form:

Search Engine Optimization is a complex task performed by search engines such as Google to find websites related to what a person searches. When performing SEO the goal is to appear first on the page.

In depth: Search engines such as (Google) send “bot” programs across the internet. These bots travel through the internet pulling information from webpages. The information you see on a search results are called meta tags in theHTML language. There are three important meta tags to remember, keywords, description and author. There are many other HTML tags that the SEO bots look for. Although, these three are the ones that you can read on a search result. Another major factor of SEO is linking (read our other post to learn about linking). There are many more ways to get noticed by SEO bots but these two really stick out.

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