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By July 28, 2016Website Design

WordPress Development by Pro Market Me inc.

What is WordPress ?

WordPress is an open source content management and blogging platform.  87% of websites are built using WordPress and for good reason. WordPress is Free and opensource, meaning you can manipulate the software to do what ever you like. WordPress makes it very easy for people to build a website without knowing how to program. Although, many people still struggle initially when developing their first site using WordPress. WordPress is programmed using the web based language PHP, it depends on a database to store and retrieve all the websites information. There are two main components that build up a WordPress website. Allow our expert WordPress developers at Pro Market Me inc. build you an awesome website, contact us today!

WordPress Components

 WordPress Themes: Themes could be considered the visual structure of your website. Developers create free and paid themes, usually the free themes have less options and typically look generic. Themes can be downloaded for free directly through the WordPress interface. There are many resources online where themes can be purchase Pro Market Me prefers to use evantomarket. Select your favorite theme and allow use to do the hard part! 
WordPress Plugins: Plugins are extra features that can be embedded within your website. Same as themes, plugins are also free and may require payment. Usually the more specific complex plugins are developed and sold to users. It is important to remember that two plugins may not work together or interfere with how your website performs. When downloading plugins always be cautious of unethical programmers tampering with your website.